Digital Chain

Screenshot Version: 1.50 beta
Last modified: March, 17, 2002
Platform: PalmTop (PalmOS)
License: Shareware
Price: $9.95 Register
Author: Denis Mingulov
Download: (10 kb)

Beta testing. You can become registered user free! Just send me report about working this game.
English. Can you help me write good english help (documentation) for this game? Or correct my wrong english? I'll give you free registration.

Digital Chain is a simple logical game (puzzle). in which you have to remove various pairs of numbers (neighbouring vertical or horizontal, equal A=B or sum A+B=10). Target is to clear all board. You can get hints, undo last action.

Game turn consist of 2 stages. First, you choose pairs of neighbouring numbers (for example, 3=3 or 4+6=10) by taping them. They will be removed. Second, you tap button End Turn, and all numbers, which are on board now, add again after last number. And so on. Try, it is simple.

Score. This is count of lines, which are deleted (empty line remove) and which are current on board (and total). Then you clear board, you can get to Hall Of Fame. Two different variants - maximum or minimum lines.

Keys. Up and Down - scroll board. Hard1 - show possible move (Help). Hard2 - remove showed possible move. Hard3 - undo. Hard4 - end turn.

Register. This game is distributed as shareware. Anyone may use this software during a first 14 runs. Following this test period of 14 runs or less, if you wish to continue to play Digital Chain, you MUST register. All future versions are free for registered users! To register please visit RegSoft registration service.

Download, try it. Do you have any question? Bugs, wishes, other? Please contact me

Copyright © 2001, Denis Mingulov. рекомендует: товары из Китая на сайте!